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Thursday May 9th, 2019

Registration for Neuroscience Day 2019 is NOW CLOSED.
Place: Fernström Lecture Hall, BMC, Sölvegatan 19, Lund


08.30-09.00         Registration & coffee

09.00-09.10         Introduction by Martin Garwicz 

09.10-09.50         Owen Wolkowitz 
                            University of California, San Francisco, USA
                            Accelerated Cellular Aging in Psychiatric Disorders: From Markers to Mechanisms
                            Chair: Åsa Westrin

09.50-10.10         Coffee break

10.10-10.50         Eva Hedlund
                            Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
                            Elucidating mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability and resilience in motor neuron diseases
                            Chair: Johan Jakobsson

10.50-11.30         Ido Amit
                            Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
                            The power of ONE: Immunology in the age of single cell genomics 
                            Chair: Malin Parmar

11.30-13.00         Lunch - free sandwiches and light drinks provided for all registered participants

13.00-14.30         Oral presentations session by PhD students
                            Chairs: Christine Ekdahl Clementson & Åsa Petersén

13.00-13.10        Marcella Birtele (Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology)
                           Identification and characterization of authentic dopaminergic neurons at single-cell resolution in human
                           ventral midbrain-patterned organoids 

13.15-13.25        Ella Quist (Stem Cells, Aging and Neurodegeneration)
                           Direct conversion of human embryonic fibroblasts to functional astrocytes by defined factors

13.30-13.40        Alexander Lind (Paediatric Endocrinology)
                           Immunology of Pandemrix-induced narcolepsy

13.45-13.55        Jonas Fritze (Stem Cells, Aging and Neurodegeneration)
                           Loss of Cxcr5 alters neuroblast proliferation and migration in the aged brain

14.00-14.10        Laura Andreoli (Basal Ganglia Pathophysiology Unit)
                           Role of indirect pathway D2 receptors in L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia

14.15-14.25        Sara Nolbrant (Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology)
                           Unbiased Gene Expression Analysis Reveals Human Stem Cell-Derived Graft Composition in a Cell Therapy
                           Model of Parkinson’s Disease

14.30-15.10         Anna Planas
                            Institute for Biomedical Research (IIBB-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain
                            Role of inflammatory cells in ischemic stroke outcome
                            Chair: Bo Norrving

15.15-15.50         Reception, mingle with refreshments

15.50-15.55         Announcement of awards for Best Presentation
                            Christine Ekdahl Clementson & Åsa Petersén

15.55-16.00         Announcement of grants awarded by the Segerfalk Foundation
                            Martin Garwicz

                        2019 Segerfalk Lecture

16.00-17.00         David Anderson
                            Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience
                            Caltech, Pasadena CA, USA
                            Innate Behaviors and Internal States: A Mechanistic approach to Emotions in Animal Models
                            Diploma awarded by Ingrid Agartz, Segerfalkstiftelsen
                            Chair: Martin Garwicz


Organizing committee: Anders Björklund, Christine Ekdahl Clementson, Martin Garwicz, Måns Magnusson, Bo Norrving, Malin Parmar, Åsa Petersén, Oskar Hansson, Maria Compagno Strandberg and Paulina Pettersson (co-ordinator). 

Neuroscience Day is sponsored by the Segerfalkstiftelsen.

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