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The 2022 event will take place on May 4th, 2022

Registration link: Birgit Rausing - Segerfalk Conference (


08.15 Venue opens: Piratensalen at Grand Hotel in Lund

08.45 Opening of conference
Jimmie Kristensson, pro vice-chancellor for communication, integrity and character at Lund University

08.50 Welcome and introduction
Martin Garwicz & Philippe Goldin
09.00-09.40: Tania Singer, Social Neuroscience Lab, Max Planck Society, Berlin
Neural bases of socio-emotional and socio-cognitive abilities
Chair: Philippe Goldin

5-minute breather

09.50-10.30: Christian Keysers, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam
Empathy through ‘shared’ neural circuits – a cross-species approach
Chair: Martin Garwicz

Coffee break

11.15-11.55: Ewelina Knapska, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw
Evolutionary roots of empathy and compassion
Chair: Martin Garwicz

Lunch break 80 min
Lunch is not served for conference participants, please see a list of resturant options under the registration link

13.15-13.55: Ruth Feldman, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzlia
Developmental roots of empathy and compassion
Chair: Elia Psouni

5-minute breather

14.05-14.45: Andreas Olsson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Integrating empathy and emotional learning
Chair: Johan Mårtensson

Coffee break

15.30-16.10: Olga Klimecki-Lenz, Eleonore-Trefftz Guest Professor, TU Dresden
The neural plasticity of social emotions

5-minute breather

16.20-17.20: Where do we go from here?
Round table discussion with all the speakers
Chaired by: Martin Garwicz & Philippe Goldin